Postcard #13: Tissington Spires

  Not a collection of ancient churches nestled in a valley, no. Tissington Spires are a series of rock formations in Dovedale, Derbyshire. We are imagining Martin Crosby’s best friend, or his cousin or marra, on a walking holiday, wearing warm tweeds, Fair Isle knitwear and carrying Nordic poles. Here‘s some more information about the…


Postcard #10: Bass Rock Lighthouse

Precarious position for the photographer, wobbling about in rough northern seas in what may have been a small boat. Quite a risky job. Bass Rock is an island of the coast of Scotland, according to Wikipedia now owned by one Sir Hew Fleetwood Hamilton-Dalrymple. Berwick is a pretty town in itself to visit for a…

Postcard #9: Exmoor Ponies

It’s  a Frith! The Frances Frith Collection. Beautiful Art Nouveau lettering on the blank side, and the Frith code number on the front right hand corner. We might be able to track how old this is, but the styles gives us possibly the 1910s-30s.

Postcard #7: Gotthardstrasse, Andermatt

Gotthardstrasse (road to the Gotthard Pass), Andermatt. Another long stretch of miles from Trimdon Street, Andermatt is a picturesque ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Someone who knew Martin, a member of his family, a work colleague, maybe Martin himself, went to Switzerland. Maybe even skied. Now – that would be a thing.