Postcard #9: Exmoor Ponies

It’s  a Frith! The Frances Frith Collection. Beautiful Art Nouveau lettering on the blank side, and the Frith code number on the front right hand corner. We might be able to track how old this is, but the styles gives us possibly the 1910s-30s.

Postcard #8: Now In Waterloo Station

“Dear Martin, A line saying that I am now in Waterloo Station 4 -pm. Letter will follow. Alf.” Half penny stamp. Not cheap, then. And the picture on the front is a coloured print of St Paul’s Cathedral’s ‘choir & reredos’. Who was Alf? Did you know him? Was he a cousin, maybe even your…


Postcard #4: The Needles IOW

  One of the bonnier pictorials in this collection – it’s a hand coloured photograph or a watercolour painting, and yes there’s a pronounced green tint on front and the printing on the back is in the same green.   So somebody went to the Isle of Wight, perhaps on holiday. Or one of the…