This intriguing set of 120 picture postcards were sent to or preserved by one single resident of Fern Street, Sunderland from around the beginning of the 1900s to perhaps the 1950s. On display at Sunderland Museum and on the web, this unique collection is the early 20th text message, the Tweet, the Facebook update of the day, and gives a miniature insight into communication one hundred years ago.

Who was Martin Crosby? He lived at Fern Street – but that’s all we know. Do you know who he was? Was he an uncle or grandfather, a marra or Black Cats fan? Did he build ships or dig coal? Was he a teacher or a soldier?

c/o The Northern Centre Of Photography
Sunderland SR1 3SD

Send us a picture postcard to show us where you are and any clues, real or imagined. Use a real postcard, or if you have a smartphone, take a photograph and use an App. Postcards from Sunderland, and pictures of or around Fern Street will be particularly welcomed.

Apps include Shoot It, bypost, RaceItHome, Postagram but there are several.

POSTCARDS SENT WILL BE PUBLISHED on this new website along with the full Fern Street collection.


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