Response #3 – The Careless Days

A response from someone @thecarelessdays using Twitter to @fernstpostcards for just three days, November 20th – 22nd 2013, is a mystery all it’s own. It is a pleasure and privilege to include it here, and a wonderful story. If it’s yours, please do let us know.

There were 16 Tweets altogether, published here, and gathered together and republished via Storify.

  1. @FernStPostcards The First Day. On this bright August morning in the year of grace, nineteen hundred and thirty…
  2. @FernStPostcards they are town dwellers, living, thinking, speaking and acting in terms of “town”…
  3. @FernStPostcards Seated in the 8.40 am train to Ardrossan the change in their habits is at once noticeable.
  4. @FernStPostcards Ardrossan being reached, the Atlanta – old friend – is boarded and in a short hour Whiting Bay..
  5. @FernStPostcards We decided, pending the arrival of our prodigal escort, to…decided on a site for our tent.
  6. @FernStPostcards It is the work of a moment to erect the tent…though of course Artie…will tell you that he did it
  7. @FernStPostcards Artie surveying his handy work just immediately after erection.
  8. @FernStPostcards The evening was filled in by exploring the town…
  9. @FernStPostcards And so ended our first day which had seen us transformed.
  10. @FernStPostcards If there is any better sensation than that if coming home…I would be glad to hear of it.

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