Postcard #11: Dear Martin, Having a Nice Time

postcard 11


“Dear Martin,

Having a nice time here – weather mainly decent with the exception of last Friday. Busy harvesting of course plenty rabbits to kill & so don’t know wether I shall reach Edin this year or not.

Cheeri O





postcard 11-2

Coldstream, again near Berwick. Could this ‘Wh’ or possibly ‘Dh’ be the same sender as the Bass Rock postcard? Could that one indeed have been enclosed in a letter?

Tough old days harvesting – must have been autumn – and killing rabbits for food. Can’t have been much pay.

1922 postmark?


One thought on “Postcard #11: Dear Martin, Having a Nice Time

  1. Possibly Martin’s brother-in-law William Hopper, married to Martin’s younger sister Norah.

    Autumn it was – the postmark says 5th September.

    The plenitude of rabbits seems to be threatening to delay his travel plans. Surely gluttony would not hold him back; this sounds more like an occupational requirement. I suspect that rather than killing rabbits for food he was exterminating vermin to prevent them from eating the grain he was harvesting.

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